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The Problems of The Disadvantaged Individuals in Terms of Socio Economic Conditions During Their Education
In this study, the relationship between poverty and education in Turkey has been discussed. Primarily, the economic and social proceeds of education and the rate of poor people according to the level of education in Turkey and other countries are examined. Moreover, quantitative data such as the labour force in Turkey with regard to level of education, expense of education in different income groups and regions and educational financing is evaluated. After a general evaluation, such issues are mentioned as: Every child has right to be educated. This right should be given to everyone without religion, gender, language and race discrimination. Economic conditions of families can be sometimes inadequate. This causes disruption in their children education. In this study, what can be done to minimize this problem is discussed. So that every individual is able to continue their education within the understanding of the social state, the state should do its best. It can be said that the state help the disadvantaged individuals in term of socio economic by means of child benefit, scholarship and student loan. Because, regardless of their economic condition, beside that every individual is a citizen of this country, education is essential for the development of this country. In this study, it is shown that the quality of education changes in different schools and regions and also the effect of the public education investments on poverty reduction is emphasized. Finally, it is suggested that the state should take an active and supervisor role in enhancing education level of the poor.

Education, poverty, education policies, education investments, poverty reduction

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