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Assessment of the Fourth Grade Science Questions of Turkey in the Subject Areas of Physical Science in TIMSS 2011
The aim of this study is to assess Turkey’s successful and unsuccessful of the fourth grade science questions which were published in the TIMSS 2011 according to the subject areas of “Physical Science”. The data collection tool of this study, which is a descriptive study, is the TIMSS 2011 country’s data. Fourth grade science questions published in TIMSS 2011 were analyzed by using descriptive statistics according to subject areas of “Physical Science”. As a result of this study, it was found that while “Classification and Properties of Matter” was the most successful subject area; “Sources and Effects of Energy” was the most unsuccessful area in the fourth grade science questions in the subject area of “Physical Science” published in TIMSS 2011. Questions that Turkey was the most successful and unsuccessful were aimed to measure the learning outcomes of the fourth grade science and technology curriculum. It was determined that the last unit of the fourth grade science and technology curriculum was related to the learning outcome of the least successful question. This result can be attributed to changing weather conditions since the high temperature has a negative effect on students’ motivation.

TIMSS, Science, Turkey

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