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Art Education and Creativity in Preschool Montessorian Educational Approach
In this research, the effect of Montessori education approach on the creativity of pre - school children in visual arts lesson was investigated and the creativity developments in students were observed. 20 students between 48-66 months were applied the Montessori Education Approach and 60 students were applied the Ministry of National Education Teacher-centereted Approach program and these two were compared to each other. Equal units are applied in both programs. This research has tried to determine the effects of visual presentations on student's creativity, reflections of artworks in terms of originality and innovations, attitudes of liberated children to lesson and their effects on achievement. The results of the research show that in the classrooms where the Montessori Education Approach is applied, the cooperation is significantly increased, the students are participated to the lectures without any instruction, the creativity is developed in the positive direction and it was seen that the students learned the places of the materials and took it when they needed it. In the visual arts education courses implementated by the Ministry of Education Program Teacher Centered Approach, teachers use visual materials, sample models, narration and question-answer methods to guide the students and reach the result which limits original and new ideas. It has been observed that the limitation of the creativity of the students is the effect of the presence of the material cupboards in closed cupboards at the height that they can not reach.

Maria Montessori, art education, originality

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