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Analysis of the Effect of Optional Science Applications Lesson on Students’ Attitude Toward Science and Science Literacy and The Aspects of Lesson Teachers
The aim of this study is to research the effects of science applications lesson on students’ attitude on science and science literacy and whether there is a significant statistical distinction in terms of gender of students and to evaluate the aspects of lesson teachers on the aforementioned lesson. The model of research is mixed-methods research. Working group from which the quantitative datas are obtained of the research consists of 292 sixth and seventh grade students who study in Ankara in 2014-2015 educational year. On the other hand, working group from which the qualitative datas are obtained of the research consists of 14 teachers who give the Science Applications Lesson. In order to determine the level of science literacy and the attitudes of them toward science, datas are gathered by using “Attitude Scale Toward Science”. T-test is used for unconnected examples on analyzing datas. With the intention to obtain the aspects of teachers about Science Applications Lesson, half constructed interviews are conducted with teachers. The datas obtained from interviews are assesed by the help of the content analysis. As a consequence of the research, it is not found a significant statistical distinction between the situation whether students take the Science Applications Lesson or not and their attitude points toward science litearacy and science. In terms of gender variable, it is only found that there is a significant distinction on male students who take Science Applications Lesson with the regard of their attitude points toward science. As a result of interviews conducted with teachers, it is figured out that although teachers consider Science Applications Lesson is benefical for students, due to some reasons like schools don’t have the required infrastructure, the importance of the lesson can’t be understood exactly by both students and parents and there is not a source book of lesson ,the lesson has not been conducted effectively so far.

Science applications, science literacy, attitude toward science

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